Gentle Swimming For Sensitive Kids.

Gentle Swimming for Sensitive Kids.

With happiness at the core of everything we do, each session of Gentle Swimming is taught with inclusion, kindness and happiness in mind… because happy learners are happy swimmers.

I am Emma O’Connor, the owner and founder of Gentle Swimming for Sensitive Kids. I have been teaching swimming for over 14 years now, to thousands of children (and a few adults) in 2 countries on opposite sides of the world. I trained in Australia when I first became a mum as a ‘stop gap’ in my career, and as the years went on, I decided not to return to my old job, as I enjoyed swim teaching more and more. We moved to Edinburgh in 2012, where I joined a new team of teachers at Virgin Active (Now Nuffield Health) and worked there happily until 2019. During that time I also took over the budding swim program at another Nuffield Health site, growing a small team of teachers and a large program of happy swimmers.

In 2019 I decided to take the philosophy of gentle swimming out on my own.

Gentle Swimming came about because of my experience helping my own son manage and overcome debilitating anxiety. It had a huge impact on our family, my life, and my teaching practice. I had used happiness as the core practice behind helping my son recover, and I naturally started to use it in the pool too! I believe happy swimmers are more confident, learn better, and actually want to come to lessons!

If you would like more information about Gentle Swimming, or need some advice about building water confidence at home, please feel free to contact me at: