Everyday Happy

Happiness… Your Way

I believe in happiness

I believe in it is philosophy for life, a way to overcome difficulties and a key to a free and wonderful life. Life is meant to be fun… Life is for happiness.

It’s just not always that easy.

There can be so many questions about it… And we could argue all day about what happiness is, and what it looks like, and how to get it! 

What I have come to realise in my experience as a mother, wife, children’s coach, and human… is that happiness is completely subjective… The things that make me happy could look completely different to the things that make you happy. And that’s ok!

So while there are some tools, activities and practices that have been studied and proven to help improve happiness (Even to the point where the brain actually rewires itself to a more positive state…read more on that in my blog) there is no single system… No single pathway that will suit every single person. Because we are all experiencing life from our own point of view. We are all different in tiny and not so tiny ways.

Part Gratitude diary, part happiness prompt, Everyday Happy is a reminder to do the things that make you happy every day.

Created to teach simple and proven techniques to help each child raise their own happiness, and by extension, overcome anxiety. 

Beautiful and comfy t shirts made from organic cotton and printed in the UK. Everyday Happy in a tee!

My message to you is just this! Life is for happiness. Your life is for your happiness, and you are allowed to figure out and pursue those things that bring you joy. You have permission! Whatever happiness looks like to you. “You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes… you can point yourself in any direction you choose”. (Dr Seuss)  

Whether it is swimming in the sea on a snowy day, or laying in the sun with your cat, skydiving over wide green fields, or knitting by the fire in your living room… or ANYTHING in between. Happiness can be anything.

The back of my book Everyday Happy says that “Happiness is a habit, the combination of all the things we do think and say, everyday.” It is a habit we can either cultivate and grow, or not. 

You can choose to enjoy the things you have to do, (yes really) AND you can do those things that make you soar.

But what if I don’t know
what will make me

Well, that’s ok, just try stuff and see how it makes you feel.

This website is like a happiness ‘pick and mix’ giving you ideas and information to help you figure out the best way for yourself (or your child).

Everyday Happy

A Journal for Happiness is my original book. Part happiness manual, daily prompt and gratitude journal, it has 365 happy days inside. 

I designed this as a tool specifically for overcoming anxiety, and it will do that… and so much more.  


Pathways to Happiness

The natural companion to Everyday Happy is this children’s digital course in happiness. The ‘First Steps’ is available now and covers the basics of happiness, neuroplasticity and some very solid techniques to practice in the comfort of home, and at your own pace. This course will continue to grow and evolve as I release new modules.


… "For Happiness"

My new label of products, activity kits and services to help you explore different ideas and activities with the intention of them being solely for happiness. Explore the very first product, the “Write for Happiness” card deck here.  

I also review different products, books and services by other people that I have found helpful either personally, or that we have used to benefit us as a family.