10 really good ideas

(for living your best and most happy life)

What are the 10 Good Ideas?

They are simply Ten things to do, rather than ten things NOT to do. 

They are simple, and profound.

Let’s Go!

1. Seek joy — first and foremost.

2. Seek reasons to laugh.

3. Seek reasons to offer words of praise–to self and others.

4. Seek beauty in nature, beasts, and other humans.

5. Seek reasons to love.  In every segment of your day–look for something that brings forth within you a feeling of love.

6. Seek that which uplifts you.

7. Seek opportunity to offer that which uplifts another.

8. Seek a feeling of Well-being.

9. Know that your value can only be measured in terms of joy.

10. Acknowledge your absolute freedom to do any of these things or to not do any of these things–for it is, without exception, your choice in every moment of every day.

(Excerpt from A New Beginning II by Jerry Hicks)

There you have it. Ten very good ideas.

What does joy and happiness look like to you?

What makes you laugh?

What uplifts you, and gives you a feeling of wellbeing?

How do you uplift others?

Of course joy and happiness can be anything you want them to be. Feeding the ducks, listening to music, dancing, watching a film. It doesn’t actually matter what it is you do, it just matters how you feel about it.

Life is for happiness.
Happiness can be anything you want it to be. 
You are allowed to do things for the sole purpose of happiness and joy. (There is no better reason)

What do you do to seek joy?