Walking for the Moon Day 1.

Day 1. City Walk, New Years Day.

I love New Years Day. It is by far my favourite day of the year as we wake late and ease into the day. I have a personal tradition of going for a walk on the first day of the year, just to absorb the atmosphere. The whole day is like a late Sunday afternoon, people are walking slower, smiling more easily, and if they choose to do something… that something is usually fun… and purely for pleasure. 

This day last year was gloriously sunny, and particularly bright and shiny, as a layer of snow had descended a few days before, slightly melted and refrozen into a bumpy skating rink. It was also freezing cold. We usually walk into town and end up at the pub for a yew dears day afternoon beer and bowl of chips… but last year the pubs weren’t open.

Todays weather was unseasonably warm.. ridiculously 15C and really windy. And I went on my own, as I couldn’t coax the teenagers out of the house. 

I decided to head into Edinburgh, without any real plans, and as it turns out, the day unfolded perfectly.

I witnessed “good morning” in the afternoon, and a “goodbye, let me know when you’re home safe”, a morning after a big night fight, followed by a pause for a cuddle. A beautiful boxer dog puppy, and a moment of pure tenderness between a father and his baby. 

Runners running, walkers walking, families spending quality time together, elderly couples strolling, people nursing coffees, and others tentatively clutching bags of takeaway food. 

Every outfit from gym kit, to winter woolies, to shiny dress and heels. 

Abandoned bottles, masks and meals, both before and after consumption.

And about half way through, I was kidnapped from my walk by a friend, and spent a lovely time having a coffee and chat before we continued on our way. (As I said, perfect unfolding) 

Day 1 is a wrap.

Distance Walked: 5 miles (8.19km)

Progress: 5 miles (8.19km)