Dear Darling Child

A letter to the child of a friend… Dear Darling Child, I am writing this letter in the hope that I can help you feel a bit better. You don’t know me, we met when you were a baby, and I have been friends with your mum for a long time. The first thing I […]

15 Ways your phone can make you happy

I have a love/ hate relationship with my phone. On one hand It goes with me everywhere and provides some really useful services… It regularly saves me from getting lost, helps me stay in close contact with my kids… and everyone else for that matter, entertains me at the bus stop and takes the pictures […]

7 Tips for Staying Happy on Social Media.

Social media can be a very happy place. What’s not to love about chatting with friends, sharing and checking out each other’s photos, and playing games. I particularly love it for keeping up to date with family and friends that I hardly ever see, and for the uplifting and funny posts people share on there. […]