pathways to happiness

In person classes are on hold for the time being.

Pathways to Happiness is a Children’s course in Happiness.

Based on the principles in my book ‘Everyday Happy’, I have created Pathways to teach simple and proven techniques to help each child raise their own happiness, and by extension, overcome anxiety.

Foundations and core skills

What happiness is, why it's important, 3 core skills for happiness and setting your own happiness goals

A Simple Way to look at the brain

A bit about anxiety, the brain, anxiety and happiness, and a look into the future.

Pathways to happiness - a mini session

Introduction, The 5 step process: Chat, Challenge, Create, Connect, Calm, plus a free Mini Meditation Track.

Next steps

How to continue on the path to happiness in your everyday life.

Why Happiness?

When my own son was suffering from anxiety at just 9 years old, at the end of my tether, and desperate for something, I stumbled on a 12 minute video that changed my approach, and subsequently my whole family’s life. The video was not talking about anxiety, or even children. It was talking about how happiness can improve people’s performance at work, and that there were a set of scientifically proven techniques that, when practiced consistently could raise a person’s basic level of happiness. And that raising happiness could lead to all kinds of benefits. AND, they were things we could do at home!

I wondered…. could we use Happiness to overcome anxiety?

Was it possible?

In short we had nothing to lose by trying.


We took those first 5 principles, used them, found empowerment and progress, and expanded upon them… always with the same goal… to overcome anxiety using happiness.

I soon realised other families could use this information, so decided to write a book for them. Everyday Happy was born from this.

The next stage was to combine my love of working directly with children (in the swimming pool) and my new found skills as a Happiness coach, and so Pathways to Happiness ensued. It is a constantly evolving and expanding program, as I continue to learn and grow and understand happiness more myself.

Please explore the videos below for some idea on what we get up to during class.