Easy ways to Exercise for Happiness.

There is absolutely no doubt that exercise makes us feel happier… Science has shown us that exercise causes our body to release endorphins, which naturally make us feel better. Exercise can also help us feel stronger and more comfortable in our own body, which in turn builds confidence and makes us feel happier. Added benefits […]

How to choose a Happiness Journal

Happiness is the way forward. It has become a trend, spanning countries and generations, and it is definitely a trend worth following. Happiness helps build our resilience, develops our confidence, improves our performance at work or school, makes for better relationships, and even positively affects our physical and mental health. In short, Happiness makes our […]

Self Talk and Happiness

Self Talk and happiness. This Brain Word cloud illustrates all the things that can influence our self talk, such as beliefs, feelings, thoughts, stories and memories.

What is self talk? “Self talk is the ongoing internal conversation we have with ourselves, which influences how we feel and how we behave.” www.alleydog.com Our self talk amounts to every single thing we think, and say to ourselves, every day. And there is a lot of it. We think somewhere between 12000 and 60000 […]