Happiness doesn’t always come easy…

Happiness doesn’t always come easily to me. In fact it never has. I grew up in serious circumstances… I no longer repeat the stories of my childhood, but just to say, it had me in a fairly constant state of fight or flight. I think these days they would call it chronic low level anxiety. […]

10 really good ideas

(for living your best and most happy life) What are the 10 Good Ideas? They are simply Ten things to do, rather than ten things NOT to do.  They are simple, and profound. Let’s Go! 1. Seek joy — first and foremost. 2. Seek reasons to laugh. 3. Seek reasons to offer words of praise–to […]

Coffee with Friends

I was recently having a passing conversation with a neighbour. He was teasing me (in the friendliest possible way) about loving a coffee with a girlfriend. Seemingly the last few times I had seen him on my way somewhere, ‘Coffee with a girlfriend’ was that somewhere.  I felt embarrassed at first, slightly put out by […]

Dear Darling Child

A letter to the child of a friend… Dear Darling Child, I am writing this letter in the hope that I can help you feel a bit better. You don’t know me, we met when you were a baby, and I have been friends with your mum for a long time. The first thing I […]

Easy ways to Exercise for Happiness.

There is absolutely no doubt that exercise makes us feel happier… Science has shown us that exercise causes our body to release endorphins, which naturally make us feel better. Exercise can also help us feel stronger and more comfortable in our own body, which in turn builds confidence and makes us feel happier. Added benefits […]

How to choose a Happiness Journal

Happiness is the way forward. It has become a trend, spanning countries and generations, and it is definitely a trend worth following. Happiness helps build our resilience, develops our confidence, improves our performance at work or school, makes for better relationships, and even positively affects our physical and mental health. In short, Happiness makes our […]

15 Ways your phone can make you happy

I have a love/ hate relationship with my phone. On one hand It goes with me everywhere and provides some really useful services… It regularly saves me from getting lost, helps me stay in close contact with my kids… and everyone else for that matter, entertains me at the bus stop and takes the pictures […]

7 Tips for Staying Happy on Social Media.

Social media can be a very happy place. What’s not to love about chatting with friends, sharing and checking out each other’s photos, and playing games. I particularly love it for keeping up to date with family and friends that I hardly ever see, and for the uplifting and funny posts people share on there. […]

Self Talk and Happiness

Self Talk and happiness. This Brain Word cloud illustrates all the things that can influence our self talk, such as beliefs, feelings, thoughts, stories and memories.

What is self talk? “Self talk is the ongoing internal conversation we have with ourselves, which influences how we feel and how we behave.” www.alleydog.com Our self talk amounts to every single thing we think, and say to ourselves, every day. And there is a lot of it. We think somewhere between 12000 and 60000 […]